Friday, August 28, 2009

Xomba's Getting Traffic

Featured Travel Article #2

I'm really digging the new design of the Xomba website, and I noticed a major jump in traffic and AdSense earnings the first couple days my first travel article was on the front page. Although you lose the picture once you're no longer one of the two most recent featured articles, the title still remains as long as yours is one of the most recent six featured articles. The very day that I saw my previous travel writing for Xomba was off the first page, I began my second Xomba featured travel article.

My second featured travel article: Relishing the Sound of Silence in Isolated Alaska, didn't have quite as catchy a title as the first article (I mean really, how do you top frozen outhouses?) but it still did very well, and Xomba will show you the total number of views the article received. Even better for me, I watched my AdSense account and sure enough, having a featured article on page one has been worth several dollars a day more, and has funneled traffic to my other sites, as well.

So once again, if you're looking to write for Xomba, I strongly recommend you look at filling a featured author spot. They're getting enough traffic to make being a featured author very much worth your time.

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