Monday, June 29, 2009

Second Xomba Summer Contest Entry

More Xomba Contest Writing

Well June is coming to a close, and thank goodness. It's been a really rough month as far as personal matters and medical matters go, and it's nice to have some degree of normalcy returning. I've fallen quite a bit behind on my overall summer goals, but I'm not going to get discouraged as I still feel like anything's possible and as hard as the present seems to be, I just feel like the future is going to be bright.

I have used Xomba to make several Xomblurbs of new HubPages, new blog posts, new eHow articles, and I've been fairly pleased with the overall effectiveness of this. It seems like virtually everything I review gets indexed, and while the direct traffic and AdSense clicks have been very small, they have existed, meaning an impact is being made.

In addition to this, I just finished my second article that I submitted to Xomba for their excellent Summer Writing Contest on how to beat the summertime blues and overall I'm very happy with this article and because of how unusual it is, I'm hoping the judge or judges have a very strange or off beat sense of humor. If they do, I really like my chances of placing with this article.

So what was this article's solution to beating the summertime blues? Having the worst summer of your life. Seriously. That is my article's solution. If you're intrigued, have a look and leave a comment.

Have the Worst Summer Ever

Hope you enjoy it! And if you haven't joined Xomba yet, CLICK HERE and get started with some contest entries today. Who knows? A few hours of writing might make you a couple hundred dollars.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

First Submission to Xomba Summer Contest

Entering the Summer Writing Contest

I wrote a Xombyte the other day, my first in order to enter the Xomba Summer Time contest. The theme is pretty simple: write an article of at least 300 words, with a photograph, on what to do to banish the "Summer Time Blues." The rules for this contest are pretty easy to find on the Xomba website, and the best part is that you are allowed to place as many entries as you want. This is a great opportunity to write articles and have a serious shot and some pretty decent prize money.

My first article was about traveling to meet old friends, and the adventures that can come with it. It's not bad, but not great. I know I can do better and will be working to put forward some better submissions, and I encourage anyone reading to do the same.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Freelance Writing Xomba Contests

The Summer Xomba Writing Contest

This is a quick post about one of the nice little perks of writing for Xomba that freelance writers on that site should definitely consider. While splitting AdSense earnings from published articles can be a long process to get the type of consistent results you want, an extra several hundred dollars all at once is nothing to sneeze at. It's definitely a nice bump!

Every so often Xomba holds writing contests, and this is one of those times. The summer writing competition information for Xomba's summer writing contest can be found here at this post:

This year the prizes are:

1st: $350
2nd: $200
3rd: $150

You can't argue with any of those prizes for a single article, and this can also help be used as motivation to prod you to posting more Xombytes, which will help you increase your summer AdSense earnings, as well.

That's the brief update for now. Everyone writing for Xomba has until July 6th, and all the submissions for the actual contest must have a photo submission with the article. If you're writing for Xomba, I strongly encourage you to participate in this contest, and if you haven't started writing for Xomba, then consider starting today by SIGNING UP HERE!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Very Quick Xomba Writing Update

Fast Xomba Writing Update

Hey everybody, here's a very quick update from my Xomba writing. The first week or so I've been publishing mostly Xomblurbs that have links pointed to new blog posts, eHow articles, and new HubPages. My expectations have been limited, but I'm pretty happy with the early results. Everything bookmarked as a Xomblurb has been indexed by Google, and I even received several AdSense clicks. Most of them were lower income, but it's far better than nothing so that's all bonus.

Right now I have somewhat limited Internet access, but next week I plan to write a few longer Xombytes around freelance writing, hook some links back to my blog posts or articles that I think others will find useful, and see what results I get. I'm looking forward to when the much anticipated web redesign is done, and once that happens I'll be a featured travel blogger for Xomba, so that will be great to have some consistent travel writing on my plate.

For next week, I'll also be doing plenty of Xomblurbs, and as I'm doing this I'll say this to anyoen reading as a piece of advice: Even though you don't have to write long descriptions, I find it's always a good idea to make sure you provide enough text so the Google AdSense ads can match. You don't want to be smart priced, and an extra 40 words a Xomblurb is not that much effort.

Keep on writing, and until next time, I'm pulling for ya.