Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Back and the New Xomba is Here!

Xomba Adventures Blog Update

I know I've been gone for a while, and for that I apologize - while I don't intend for my writing blogs to be daily things, I do very much want to post a minimum of once a week, and generally more than that. In the beginning of July I had a huge family emergency, one that appears to be something that is going to be ongoing for quite some time. Obviously family comes first in times of trouble, and my energy and time had to be spent there and not on my online projects. August is going to be my recovery month as I strive for some degree of normality again.

A few things have happened on Xomba. I did not place in the summer contest, but seeing the winning entries made me realize what the judges were looking for, and gives me a much better chance of writing a quality article more appropriate to what they're looking for when the next contest comes up.

The other major event at Xomba: the new site is up and running. While there are still some bugs being worked out, the new site looks great and apparently the income being generated is more than with the old design, which is good news for everyone involved. I'm a featured writer for Xomba now, as one of their two featured travel writers. This is exciting for me as I love travel writing, and travel writing can be a very hard racket to break into, so having solid credentials as a travel writer aside from my own freelance attempts is absolutely nothing to sneeze at.

In fact, I've already written my first travel article for Xomba as a featured writer:

Visiting Canton Ohio and the Pro Football Hall of Fame

The next one will probably be about frozen outhouses in Fairbanks, Alaska, so stay tuned :)

There was one more comment I DEFINITELY wanted to make about Xomba before ending this post: Xomba is definitely starting to show some authority. It's no Ezinearticles (then again, no one is) but I've seen some of my Xomba articles start getting some very good 2nd and 3rd page Google rankings without any additional SEO at all. This is pretty darn good, and means that with a little bit of link building and article marketing, you could make some pretty decent AdSense money getting Xomba articles onto the front pages of the search engine rankings.

I'm not sure how strong Xomba was considered when I just got started - but they're a LOT stronger now, so this is a very good thing for the future prospects of this site for both the owners and for the writers.

If you haven't started writing for Xomba, I think they definitely have a place in an online freelance writer's portfolio. Go ahead and SIGN UP HERE, look around, and get started on your writing future today.

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