Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st Featured Xomba Travel Article

It's Good to Be a Featured Xomba Writer

Well hello again, all, and welcome to this Tuesday installment of my Xomba writing adventures. Folks, if I repeat myself a little bit I do apologize, but it has especially been "one of those months" during an entire year that takes the cake as far as "let's never have one of those again." But there is some really positive news coming from Xomba, so I want to make sure to cover all the main points as I'm flying through.

First of all, Xomba is definitely gaining strength as an authority site. It's not on the same level as HubPages or eHow yet, but it is definitely growing day by day and that is good news for everyone who writes on the Xomba site. This doesn't mean you shouldn't learn SEO or article marketing, but it means that getting your Xomba articles to rank high in the search engines will be a lot easier now than it was a year ago. More visitors = more readers & more $$$.

Second, the new site is now offically, OFFICALLY launched. This is really cool, and I like the far majority of improvements they've made to the site. In addition, it's good to know they're not resting on their laurels, but are continuing to work to improve the quality of the entire site. They mentioned that in testing the AdSense income was definitely taking off, and I can say as an online freelance writer that I've already started seeing the benefit of this.

As another note, it turn out my Canton Football Hall of Fame article wasn't my first article as a featured travel writer on Xomba, because I jumped the gun a little. Still, it's a good article and I stand by it. So this means that my most recent article:

Frozen Outhouses and Other Alaska Winter Adventures

Was officially my first article as a travel writer on Xomba. I included two pictures, one of the inside of my frozen outhouse. The best part about being a featured author is that my article has been on the front page for two days and counting...and the title is definitely getting me a lot of traffic. Right now this is my second most read Xomba article of all time, and I've seen a pretty impressive two day jump in AdSense earnings that I can attribute directly to the Xomba traffic I've received from being on the front page.

The requirement is one article every two weeks...but if my article is off the front page in a few days, you can bet your butt I'll be writing another one right then and there.

If you've been writing on Xomba, look around to see if there is a category you'd enjoy that needs a featured writer. Last time I checked the site, there still were plenty of openings that you could apply for. The contract of one article every two weeks (minimum) will force you to write, while the extra exposure of being on the front page is definitely going to boost the traffic stats. This is easy money for the good writers, so don't be shy. Find an open topic and get featured!

$5 extra in two days (and counting since this day is FAR from over) for a single 20 minute article is all the AdSense proof I need. So good luck, and if you haven't started writing from Xomba I invite you to check out the rest of my blog posts and SIGN UP HERE!

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