Monday, November 9, 2009

Xomba Dream Job Contest Entries

Xomba Dream Job Entries

Well today was the final day for Xomba freelance writers to publish a Xombyte for the "Dream Job" contest. This was a really fun contest and I had a lot of fun with it because such a broad topic allowed me to go many different directions. This particular Xomba writing contest allowed as many entries as you wanted, so I took advantage and offered four.

My four articles covered a broad range, and I have no idea if a quirky sense of humor or a clever stretching of the theme is going to get any bonus points of any kind, but that's how I write, that's how I enjoy writing and if it gets me placed anywhere in this contest I'll be ecstatic. I find that the contests you have fun participating in, are almost the ones you want to win the most.

So one article was a straight and arrow thought piece on being an NFL GM (that's General Manager for the non sports fans). One was about a job I do find endlessly fascinating: horror movie extra, one I tried to go the hilarious route, and that was about being Michael Bay's overworked explosives expert, and the last took the "dream job" literally. I dream of being a zombie killer (because I have weird dreams), so I wrote about being a zombie killer.

If I can't get any interest with that variety, then I don't know what I could do, lol! Anyway, here are links for anyone interested:

I Want to Be an NFL GM
I Want to Be a Horror Movie Extra
A Day as Michael Bay's Explosives Expert
Life as a Zombie Killer

Hope ya'll enjoy, and thanks for reading!