Saturday, June 6, 2009

Very Quick Xomba Writing Update

Fast Xomba Writing Update

Hey everybody, here's a very quick update from my Xomba writing. The first week or so I've been publishing mostly Xomblurbs that have links pointed to new blog posts, eHow articles, and new HubPages. My expectations have been limited, but I'm pretty happy with the early results. Everything bookmarked as a Xomblurb has been indexed by Google, and I even received several AdSense clicks. Most of them were lower income, but it's far better than nothing so that's all bonus.

Right now I have somewhat limited Internet access, but next week I plan to write a few longer Xombytes around freelance writing, hook some links back to my blog posts or articles that I think others will find useful, and see what results I get. I'm looking forward to when the much anticipated web redesign is done, and once that happens I'll be a featured travel blogger for Xomba, so that will be great to have some consistent travel writing on my plate.

For next week, I'll also be doing plenty of Xomblurbs, and as I'm doing this I'll say this to anyoen reading as a piece of advice: Even though you don't have to write long descriptions, I find it's always a good idea to make sure you provide enough text so the Google AdSense ads can match. You don't want to be smart priced, and an extra 40 words a Xomblurb is not that much effort.

Keep on writing, and until next time, I'm pulling for ya.

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