Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brief Xomba Update Before Summer

How to Use Xomba?

As summer is coming up I find a ton on my plate, and wonder in the midst of everything how should I use Xomba as part of my writing income to get to the level of passive income I want? I believe in using multiple income streams, and because of that I have a ton of projects for this summer as I'm pushing myself really hard to get from freelancer who's getting by during recession to having enough residual income (or passive income, if you prefer that term) to not only live comfortably, but to have the security, stability, and freedom of life style that I've always desired, and which is heavily talked about by others like Tim Ferriss in his book: The 4 Hour Work Week (highly reccomended if you've never read it).

So how does Xomba fit into this picture? While Xomba counts as an income stream, the income comes from the use of AdSense or Affiliate Sales, and in the time I've been there, I've seen more success with building blogs for AdSense, and HubPages has been better for both AdSense and affiliate sales, while eHow has been better for affiliate sales and truly counts as another income stream since your share of advertising revenue comes from a split with eHow: not your own AdSense account.

Does this mean Xomba is not worth the time? Absolutely not. But I wonder what the best way for me to use Xomba is. The largest monthly income I've seen reported was $698 after one intense year of writing: not bad at all and nothing to sneeze at. Many people report several hundred dollars a month. There are several things I have noticed while writing for Xomba, some are concerns, some are just observations. Among these:

  • While Xomba is somewhat of an authority site, it doesn't have the same level of authority as Squidoo, HubPages, or eHow (or Associated Content, for that matter)
  • Links from Xomba articles appear to be "no follow," meaning they don't help with ranking high in Google, but they might still count for Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engines.
  • Xomba articles are very easy and quick to write, and even if they are no-follow, they can get links, blogs, and sites indexed into Google - which is still useful
  • Xomba does have a very good online community
  • Personally I've had more success writing for other sites
That last point isn't blasting Xomba - different writers and different writing styles will do better with some sites than others. This is true of everyone. In my particular case, time spent on eHow and HubPages, as well as my own blogs monetized with AdSense, has shown more returns for the time than my writings on Xomba.

That said, I enjoy writing on Xomba because I can go on topics that interest me, but for which I have no campaign set up for, or I can do a Xomblurb that will help index each blog post on my other blogs with Google - which is huge in supporting my main AdSense income streams.

But I'm looking to move my residual income streams to the next level this summer, and aside from a huge workload that includes goals of:

  1. 22 new AdSense niche sites
  2. 10 new AdSense/Affiliate micro niche blog sites
  3. 151 new hubs on HubPages
  4. 310 new eHow articles
  5. 10 Click Bank campaigns via Squidoo (think 50-70 lenses)
  6. 60 new articles on Constant-Content
  7. Write my first 3 e-books & set up sales via Click Bank
  8. Getting my main writing blog to 100 visitors a day
  9. Hours upon hours upon hours of article marketing and link building to gather links for all of these new pages and sites, as well as those already established
These goals are in addition to getting all my weekly freelance writing done, finding extra work on the side to help off set the costs of moving, and oh yeah, moving all the way across the country. There is that.

So since time is DEFINITELY going to be an issue, what is the best way for me to use Xomba as part of my goals of getting to where I want to be by the end of August?

This is a fairly open question, but right now what I'm looking at is the Xomblurbs. Every new blog post, every new eHow article, every new Hub, every new website can get its own Xomblurb - helping rankings in Yahoo! and the other search engines, while also giving me a chance at some more AdSense income. I think this, more than anything else, will be where Xomba can really help me with my goals this summer.

Once the new Xomba site is up, I will also be one of the featured travel writers, which will help me keep my sanity and write some good travel articles (Xombytes). An occasional good Xombyte article on top of all this that can still be used for links and a truly good affiliate product (or maybe a few to help promote my e-books) and I think this is the best strategy for me using Xomba this summer.

More freelance writing with Xomba updates to come.

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