Sunday, March 22, 2009

Xomblurbs Versus Xombytes

Bytes V Blurbs: Which is Tops?

One of the first things that you will need to decide on when starting writing for Xomba is whether to concentrate on Xombytes, Xomblurbs, or some combination of the two. Xombytes and Xomblurbs are the two main forms of articles/social bookmarking that authors can use in order to create content and make income via Adsense clicks that are split 50/50 with the site itself. While they sound the same, blurbs and bytes are two very different types of articles with two different purposes. While people have found success with both, I definitely have a preference, although I add the caveat that this by no means is me saying "this is the only way to earn money successfully on Xomba." Different writers on this site have gone different ways and several have found what I would consider to be some big time success.

What are Xombytes?

Xombytes are longer pieces of work. Think of them as actual online articles. The Xomba website describes Xombytes as articles of 150+ words that are "magazine level quality or higher." While 150 words is the minimum, I do suggest trying to write Xombytes that are over 300 words because that's the minimum word count that Google seems to really dig. Getting your articles into the Google search rankings needs to be a primary goal if you want to make money with Xomba, so 300 words is better and also gives you more room to work the long tail keyword combinations.

Xombytes can be about virtually any topic as long as it's not a "spam topic," and otherwise you want to write articles on topics and keywords that are going to have an ample number of Adsense ads that match the topic. This helps prevent smart pricing and the better that the Google ads match the topic, the more likely for a click through.

I tend to prefer Xombytes, because I think these are more likely to stay relevant over time over Xomblurbs, which makes Xombytes a better path towards truly passive income. The extra length also makes it easier to put in affiliate text links, like products from, which is a great way to build a second stream of income.

What are Xomblurbs?

Xomblurbs are much shorter than Xombytes, and aren't actual full articles, but basically social bookmarks with descriptions that shares a blog post, news story, website, or something similar with the rest of the Xomba community. These also have Adsense that is split 50/50, but you do need to be careful to craft enough of a description that Google can place relevant ads that will convert.

This is basically like getting paid for social bookmarking, while the Xombytes is more similar to actual article writing.

So Which Xomba Articles Are Better?

This is strongly a matter of opinion. I prefer Xombytes for the reasons stated above. Xombytes (since they are actual articles) are easier to gather links for, which increases search engine rankings and in my opinion gives them a better chance of becoming passive income, where steady traffic will turn into steady residual income.

There are several writers on Xomba who are doing extremely well after writing a couple hundred Xombytes. As in at least three people have admitted to making over $500 a month consistently, or even a lot more based on some accounts. One Xomba writer has claimed to be closing in on $100 a day, although that phrasing does open a wide range.

Most of these writers seem to like Xombytes, although one of the high earners posts virtually just Xomblurbs. A good combination of both seems to be popular with many authors who are doing well on Xomba, and might be the best way to go for the beginning Xomba freelance writer. When you find a great blog, news story, or website worth sharing, go for it with a Xomblurb. If you have an idea for a decent article, then write a Xombyte.

I tend to write both, depending on what I'm in the mood for, time restraints, and whatever seems to be really working at the time.

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